Are you one of the more than nine million un-banked Americans and want a checking account but not sure where to turn or what to do? Welcome to Get Banking Today, we provide a free resource for Americans in need of a checking account. We provide you with the best and most updated list of second chance checking and non ChexSystems banks. Each bank listed has been verified and either does not use ChexSystems and/or Early Warning Services or provides a second chance checking account to those listed in ChexSystems and EWS. We also provide the most updated and reliable list of prepaid debit cards for those seeking a reliable and affordable banking alternative.

Second Chance Checking – If your looking for a reliable resource of second chance checking banks, we have you covered. We offer the most updated and verifiable list of banks and credit unions offering second chance checking accounts to consumers who are listed in ChexSystems and/or Early Warning Services.

These banks and credit unions will pull a ChexSystems and/or Early Warning Services report to verify your identity and to make sure that there is not a history or suspicion of fraudulent activity in your past. If the bank or credit union is satisfied with your report(s), they may allow you to open a second chance checking account if you can meet their application requirements. While we do not guarantee your approval or success with opening an account at any of the banks and credit unions you apply at, we strongly feel this is your best option for finding the checking account you need. Find your new bank by clicking here.


Non ChexSystems Banks – For those who are listed in ChexSystems and are worried about getting approved or do not want to apply due to possible fraudulent activities, Get Banking Today provides an updated list that have been reported as non ChexSystems banks, meaning that they do not use ChexSystems or Early Warning Services when approving new applications for a bank account. Click here for our list of non ChexSystems banks.

Prepaid Debit Cards – The only 100% guaranteed banking account (so to speak) as well as the only opportunity for those who have been convicted of fraud or have a suspicion of fraud. Prepaid debit cards are the perfect banking alternative for many reasons, but you have to be careful when dealing with prepaid cards and make sure you understand the true costs of the fees associated with your prepaid card. We provide you with a list of the best prepaid options as well as a run down of the fees and costs to carry the card, this way you are sure you are getting the very best deal available and you are being fiscally smart with your money. Click here for more info on prepaid cards

When applying for an account at any of the banks and credit unions we have listed on our site, make sure that you are completely honest about your back ground if asked by the banker or on your application. Lying could be considered financial fraud and you could wind up getting in a lot of trouble. Also, keep in mind that if they want to know, they can find out and lying will not only make you look bad, but could also derail your getting approved. So honesty is always the best policy.